BigFoot Digital Footprint Research

Digital Awareness
Audience awareness governs policy making, including the digital sphere.
Data Ethics
Researchers are noticing, some internet users aren't aware of their personal information that is made publicly available.
Scientific Dialogue
The researchers of BigFoot Digital Footprint are listening to audiences. The disqus forum is uniquely tailored to foster conversational exchange.
BigFoot Digital Footprint
The first of many public experiments helping users understand Facebook and social media information storage.
By 2020
The BigFoot Digital Research team will engage in further digital research, public awareness of data use, and aid in user behavior dissemination.
Trust and Usefulness
Using the research from an internationally-recognized university, audiences have peace of mind for scientific and policy conversations involving themselves.

BigFoot Digital Footprint Facebook ExperimentResearchers are seeing two types of digital footprints emerge

Visible (explicit): You can see this clear, easy-to-change information.
It’s easy to find and comprehend. It’s the tip of the iceberg.

Invisible (implicit): This data is difficult for you to see or reproduce.
It's the backlog, browsing history, the cookie data; it's confusing and
incomprehensible. It’s the bottom of the iceberg.

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The BigFoot Digital Footprint app looks at the implicit (invisible) and explicit (visible) content online. Asking audiences about awareness of information. Social media can be an intimate place with familiar conversations. We use these platforms with a concept of trust and security that what we share, only we control how it's used. When users aren't aware of their digital footprint, we find ourselves losing privacy, control, and transparency.

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Who are we?

Researchers at the ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin have teamed up with expert groups, Galleries (such as the Science Gallery Dublin) and Startups (such as AYLIEN, experts in Text and Sentiment Analysis), to start the BigFoot Initiative. The initiative brings together experts and likeminded through events, experiments and an online app with the goal to engage and empower anyone and everyone with an interest in Online Privacy.

BigFoot Digital Footprint

ADAPT CENTRE, O'Reilly Institute
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Dublin, IR

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