BigFoot Digital Footprint: Questions Answered

Why bigfoot?

BigFoot monitors your digital footprint, the conversation you leave behind online. Be it, your social media, your click behavior, the number of likes, follows, shares, you've received or given, it's all being recorded. The easiest way to explain it:

It's your online presence.

  • What is bigfoot?

The technology was originally developed to help academics and industry partners answer the following questions, “Is the public paying attention to their digital footprint? Do they know what they are doing online?”

“How aware is the public of their online presence?”

The technology is driven with ethics, and safegaurding in mind. Right now, information is available for, for-profit organizations. We don't have the answer to this question, but the question remains, “Who should own your data?” By using the app developed, Bigfoot Digital Footprint (available through for iOS and Google Play), users can download, answer a 30-second self-surveyed list of questions, follow a 2-minute pause while the content generates a report, and find out their online presence.

It's as simple as, 1. app download, 2. answer questions, 3. discover what big data knows about you.

  • How is BigFoot a thing?

The creators of, knew data ethics and data security were conversations ripe for the picking. The web, having been originally developed by Tim Berners-Lee, was always meant to be an open-source, content-sharing platform. It was to drive education and conversation. Due to the mass popularization, and the rush to monopolize on audience presence, it soon began monetized. In exchange for free use of online technology (social media platforms, search engine use, business links, etc.), companies received your information, your click-behavior. Most companies providing free services profit by selling off your click-behavior to advertisers and third-party sources.

By developing the technology that is, audiences are now aware of their online presence and feel empowered to regain the controls of their use of the web.

  • Where is BigFoot and who works with it? is a research project developed by academics studying ethics and data security within the ADAPT Centre of Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

  • When did the conversation/tech begin?

In 2015, researchers at the ADAPT Centre of Digital Content Technology through Trinity College Dublin teamed up with local expert groups, Galleries (this includes Science Gallery Dublin) and Startups (including AYLIEN—experts in Text and Sentiment Analysis). From here the BigFoot initiative was born.

The app and project may have originated from Dublin, Ireland, but it certainly does not limit itself to region or location. Users curious about their online presence are welcomed to download the app, join in the conversation through's blog, and contribute in our conversation forums or down below.

  • I want to get involved

Great! We welcome your conversation in this project. Under the academic field of study, Science Communication, one school of thought is PEST:

Public Engagement of Science and Technology

This school of thought knows, when the public is brought into the development of research and growth, an end result is achieved. Meaning, a platform of trust and confidence is shared, public concerns are addressed, the technology has new insight, and policy reform results.

Here's how to get involved:

  1. Download the app through iOS or Google Play stores: BigFoot Digital Footprint.
  2. Leave a comment in the comment section below.
  3. Show us your work. If you follow conversations from other threads within the data security, online privacy, data ethics share the information.

You can think of this as a crowdsourcing and citizen journalism concept.

Conversations about data privacy, who owns what data, will become a thing of the past. Contribute to psychometric testing and real-world research from your own home. You get to determine how much of your data is out there. Wouldn't you want to help others to gain their own sense of awareness and control?

Your contributions to the growth of this project will mean the world can become better aware of their own digital footprint. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, check our latest videos on the BigFoot Digital Footprint YouTube page, dig into the scientific literature on LinkedIN, and remain connected in our discourse forum, conversation groups.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing your voices,

The BigFoot Team