BigFoot Digital Footprint at Ploughing Championship 2017, Sept 20

BigFoot Digital Footprint at Ploughing Championship 2017, Sept 20

BigFoot Digital Footprint, a project with the ADAPT Centre through Trinity College Dublin, will be welcomed guests at the 2017 Ploughing Championships Sept 20 2017.

BigFoot Digital Footprint will offer iPads and digital notepads for the public to engage with it's downloadable app (available on through Google Play Store and iTunes), as well as, to engage with the website. Expert researchers will be present for the public to speak about the project on a more in-depth level.

“It's very important for us, as researchers, to engage with the public,” says, Science Communication Researcher, Melissa Hoover. “When you bring the public into the conversation before the technology develops, you have an opportunity to work out the kinks, to think outside of the scientific paradigms we're often bound to, and simply to show ourselves as another member of the public. It's really important in this new realm of fake news and data (in)security, that the public knows we're concerned about these issues too.”

BigFoot Digital Footprint will showcase their latest developments in the public sphere with data ethics conversations, flyers for future events and collaborators (such as ADAPT's Ethics Canvas), and it's new disqus forum. The disqus forum is a space allowing any digital user to come into the researcher's space and talk with them. It removes the need for top-down, pedagogical instruction.

The National Ploughing Championship hosted in part, by Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland, is Europe's leading outdoor agriculture trading exhibition. This year alone, the event is expected to receive a record-breaking crowd of nearly 300,000 visitors. Although BigFoot Digital Footprint will be a guest exhibitor on the 20th, this year's event is scheduled to take place over three days (Tuesday, 19 September through Thursday 21 September).

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Be sure to follow further conversations with the BigFoot Digital Footprint team through their discourse forum, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and look for tutorial videos explaining concepts on their YouTube channel.