Dr. Kevin Koidl speaks at Technology Outlook for the Swiss Informatics Society

Recently, Dr. Kevin Koidl, Lead Researcher of BigFoot Digital Footprint through the ADAPT Centre, spoke about his research in Zurich at the Technology Outlook conference with Swiss Informatics. Dr. Koidl spoke about the BigFoot project, the Facebook app initiative, and the future outlook for the BigFoot Digitial Footprint research team. With plenty to come, here's what Dr. Koidl had to say about the event itself:

"The Outlook Future Event went very well,” said, Dr. Koidl. “Their overall objective was to bring in researchers involved with the future of technology and its societal impact. The research I do has a direct impact on the daily lives of the digital citizen. We want to make sure academics and the public are discussing best practices for industry, while creating awareness for the public, and thinking ahead within academia. Overall, it was a great turn out."

Technology Outlook is an annual symposium of the Swiss Informatics Society. It focuses on societal challenges of digitisation including megatrends such as virtualization, personalisation and automation. It features high-ranking international speakers from research and society in general.

Curious minds can look through future events specific to the BigFoot Digital Footprint research. Dr. Koidl will be speaking again at ISLA on Oct. 6th, at 6 pm. Titled Me, myself and I - The Future of Social Media. Following this, the BigFoot team will have a 3-week workshop beginning Friday, 13 Oct., 6-7 pm, in TCD's Global Room of the Computer Science building. Details of this weekly-recurring event will include conversations about the Facebook app, the BigFoot Digital Footprint research, data ethics, controlling users privacy settings, discussing other data ethics and privacy initiatives with collaborative researchers of the ADAPT Centre, and involve Q&A's between the public and audience. All members of the public interested in attending are welcomed. This is a free event. For details and to sign up, please follow this Eventbrite link.