BigFoot Digital Footprint Facebook Experiment


App Download.
Download the app to participate in the BigFoot Digital Footprint Experiment on Facebook.


Ethics Document.
Read the ethics document here for information on the experiment and your rights to data privacy.


Discourse forum.
Stay involved in the conversation and participate in the forum. Researchers and members of the public contribute daily for up to date conversations on all topics related to digital awareness.


BigFoot Digital Footprint Mission


Humans have an innate need for trust. Therefore, we need privacy, control, and transparency in objects so intimately involved in our lives. Researchers are coming in to build this trust with users and algorithms because of the internet loops (users interact with the internet, the internet chases their behavior and customizes while the user engages with the new changes). Ultimately, we have to trust that these systems are good for us, and that they are good for society. We want to prevent anything which may lead to confusion or irritation or mistrust when it comes to our digital use.

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