Kevin Koidl
Ph.D. Lead Researcher
Kevin's research interests are around Privacy, Ethics, Machine Learning and Social Media. He is a passionate speaker and likes to engage with the public on research related topics
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Mel. M. Hoover
M.Sc. Science Communication Researcher
As a Science Communication Researcher, Melissa's role with BigFoot Digital Footprint is content management of the website, blogging, website design, digital technology, creating digital content, publishing and speaking.
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Laura Grehan
M.Sc. Education and Public Engagement Manager
Plan and lead the Education and Public Engagement activities of the €130m ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology. Drive the Centre's strategy to engage diverse audiences to create a scientifically informed public.
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Mark Farrell
B.Sc. Lead Developer
Mark Farrell is the BigFoot Digital Footprint app developer, with a background as a programmer/developer. Mark has created a cross platform application built on the MEAN stack.
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Researchers at the ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin have teamed up with expert groups, Galleries (such as the Science Gallery Dublin) and Startups (such as AYLIEN, experts in Text and Sentiment Analysis), to start the BigFoot Initiative. The initiative brings together experts and like minded through events, experiments and an online app with the goal to engage and empower anyone and everyone with an interest in Online Privacy.

O'Reilly Institute, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2,
Dublin, IR

Telephone: +353 18961797

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