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PEST (Public Engagement of Science and Technology) is a scientific paradigm with the knowledge that the public knows best, so why not listen to their contributions. When the public is brought into the development of research questions nearer the beginning, an end is achievable and new knowledge is acquired.

Meaning, a platform of trust and confidence is shared and concerns are addressed.

Here's how to get involved in the project!

Download the app through the iStore or Google Play stores: BigFoot Digital Footprint.

Leave a comment in the disqus conversation forum down below.

Show us your work. We want to know what you know within the realm of data security, online privacy, data ethics; you name, we're listening.

This is your chance to participate in Citizen Journalism!

Public participation leads to public policy reform, leads to better technologies built to help citizens. Be in the know and help others stay in the know. Why not help someone gain their own sense of awareness and control?

Thanks for helping! 

The BigFoot Digital Footprint Team

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Read through the ethics document to learn about the experiment and your rights to your data.

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Learn about what makes you, you. Share your results with your friends on Facebook, continue the conversation with other BigFooters in the Disqus forum, and contribute to the science by sharing your ideas with the researchers themselves.