Our Projects

BigFoot Digital Research has one project currently in progress.

BigFoot Digital Footprint

BigFoot Digital Footprint is an academically-led research experiment monitoring users online experiences. The goal of the project is to help audiences become more aware of their online presence. For more information about volunteering as a subject, involving yourself in the scientific conversation, or further reading click here...

Further projects to be added at a later date. For further details on the discourse forum and how to remain involved with updated projects, click the button below.

  • Trinity College Dublin

    Trinity College Dublin

    A project led by researchers working with Trinity College Dublin. The BigFoot project seeks to answer the question 'How big…

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  • ADAPT Centre

    ADAPT Centre

    Proudly partnered with the ADAPT Centre. At a time when we are seeing more and more data-related issues arising in…

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  • Science Foundation Ireland

    Science Foundation Ireland

    Proudly supported through the initiatives of Science Foundation Ireland. The ADAPT Centre will showcase Bigfoot, a project which analyses your digital footprint.…

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