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Social Media Identity MeetUp


We think trust is now lacking in our social media circles. Meaning, perhaps our friends, our social network isn't being so honest to us. How do we see Fake News? Through posts and shares. When are we challenged with the notion, maybe that isn't so true? When we're online... Are our social media networks being honest with us? Are we with them?

The first meetup will be a discussion answering the following questions:

1. What is Social Media these days?

2. How can I understand my digital footprint?

3. What's changed?

Join, Dr. Kevin Koidl as he discusses these new questions. The internet was never supposed to be a complicated space of monetisation, commercialisation, personalisation. So, why do we the citizens allow these occurrences? For conversations during the presentations, be sure to use the hashtag: #SMIdentity @bigfoot_digital on Twitter and BigFoot Digital Footprint on Facebook. For more details click here...


BigFoot Digital Footprint Workshop Series

Here you'll find all upcoming events for the BigFoot Digital Footprint team. Next event, BigFoot Digital Footprint Workshop Series in TCD, Global Room.

BigFoot Digital Footprint to attend Galway Science & Technology Forum

BigFoot Digital Footprint, a project with the ADAPT Centre through Trinity College Dublin, will be welcomed guests at the 2017 Galway Science & Technology Forum 26 Nov. 2017.

BigFoot Digital Footprint will be showcasing their research using a psychometric app which analyzes users’ data awareness through Facebook. The app walks users through their perceived behavior and their actual behavior. One of the questions asks, “How often do you share friends’ posts?” With more than 200 respondents the answer has generated a 65% difference. This result tells researchers, 65% of the time, users aren’t aware of how often they share those posts. Another question asking about user behavior, “How often do you tag your own images of yourself?” On average, respondents are inaccurate 54% of the time. For more details click here...


BigFoot Digital Footprint, a project with the ADAPT Centre through Trinity College Dublin, will be welcomed guests at the 2017 Cavan & Monaghan Science Festival, 18 Nov. 2017. Read more here...


27 Nov., 2-4 pm, Dr. Anne Alexander and MSc. Mel. M. Hoover - present on the ethics of conducting research in the digital age in the introductory digital methods training from Cambridge Digital Humanities. This workshop will introduce participants to key concepts and methods related to mapping and analysing digital footprints through a case study based on the ADAPT Centre's BigFoot project. For more details, click here...

The ethics of doing research in the digital age: understanding digital footprints.

13 - 27 Oct. 6-7 pm, TCD Global Room: BigFoot Digital Footprint research is designed to help digital citizens become aware of their digital footprints. This is accomplished through public workshops and seminars on data ethics and data awareness topics. We have our first workshop ready to take place over 3 weeks, beginning 13th Oct and following on each consecutive Friday until 27th Oct. Snacks and drinks will be provided. This event is open to the public. Click below for Eventbrite tickets.

Friday, 6th Oct., 6 - 9 pm, Instituto Cervantes: Dr. Kevin Koidl is a Research Fellow in the Computer Science Department of Trinity College Dublin and the ADAPT Research Centre. His research areas are Data Privacy, Personalisation, Social Media Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence. He is founder of a TCD spin-out, Wripl Technologies, a Cognitive Content and Smart Analytics company and co-founder of Kaffeehouse.com a global short form literature translation and publication platform; as well as, the initiator of BigFoot Digital Footprint, an online data privacy awareness campaign.